The Lil Flea’s growing community of creatives is overflowing with clothing, culinary and product brands from all across the country and beyond. Here’s the brand new list of must-catch flea community debutantes as they make their way to The Lil Flea’s 4th Anniversary Edition this April at JioGarden: 

1. Arabella– Celebrated fashion blogger, Juhi Godambe’s brainchild, Arabella is a fun, young and vibrant women swear brand. With a successful 2 + years run both in stores and online, the brand sells ruffled necklines and figure enhancing silhouettes in line with the latest trends.Arabella.JPG

2. Angiya- Named after an ancient Indian brassiere, Angiya makes those organic fabric wonders that have every bit of this very subtle Indian story imbibed into lingerie that we thought didn’t exist anymore.


3. B Kind- Well, doesn’t the name say it all! B Kind’s luxuriously handcrafted delights offer us a chance to overview handcrafted brilliantly cut women’s wear for the daily crux.

B kind 1

4. Zi by Zeanne– This jewellery brand offers a range of fabric and metal infused statement earrings, pieces and more that would make that essential last minute accessorizing easier for the ladies.


5. Raw Nature– A much needed men’s grooming brand with custom formulas for all kinds of men’s skincare (yes, there is such a thing and men care about their appearances as much as women do).

Raw Nature 1

6. Burni– Delicious, fun and fusion food that comes in a jar (even meals with season favorite home-made recipes!)

BURNI Veg Old School Burnt Garlic Rice + Manchurian.jpg

7. Mama India – Made with love for art and travelling, combining raw-materials from different parts of India, such as hemp, jute, bamboo, finest cotton, linen,raw silk and other handwoven textiles, as well as small handicraft trinkets, Mama India creates designs that are a result of travellers Karishma & Ashima Bhasin’s imagination, varied moods, and inspiration by styles of different eras, cultures, and peoples of the world.

mama india 5

8. Oh Cha– One of the only words that’s the same in most languages (Hindi, Assamese, Chinese, Bengali, Russian and more) is ‘cha’ meaning tea. The Kanoi family’s over 90 years of legacy in sourcing the best teas is coming to the flea.

Oh cha

9. Satva Living- Ethical active and fitness wear never looked this good. With handmade and eco friendly yoga gear for the ultimate fitspiration days, Satva Living is taking the step forward for us to choose fitness with substance.

satva living.jpg

10. Yoga Bars– If only health bar were a lot yummier, we’d have them all the time. Yoga bars’ products give us the right mix of protein, hazelnut and our fave flavors.

yoga bars 1

11. Faaya Gifting– While the registry for gift system doesn’t exactly work here, if it did, Faaya’s wonderful home solutions and utility decor would be exactly what we’d want guest to bring.


12. N & S Gaia by Sidharth Sinha– Up & coming designer Sidharth Sinha’s collection has made it to London Fashion Week and been covered by British Vogue. With strong colour palettes and intricate geometry, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss at the flea.

NS GAIA (2).jpg

13. Jajaabor– As the Summers set in, it’s time to head out to an open world. For the travel bugs, Their new collection reflects the excitement and anticipation of staying at a home away from home!


14. Abstrac Home– Aesthetics entrenched in timeless designs. Natural fibres. Handmade love. Abstrac is a textile brand striving to make each home more comfortable and beautiful.

abstrac home

15. Go Fork Yourself–  Your next cheat meal. Their desserts go straight to your heart. Don’t believe us? come and try it on our own

Fork Yourself 2.JPG

The Lil Flea takes place this weekend

Where: JioGarden, BKC

When: 13, 14 & 15th April, 2018.

Please note the revised timings : 3 Pm to Midnight on all 3 days

Tickets Are Live Now:

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