Thought our previous sneak was all that is? Not yet! Here’s your own exclusive look at more, fabulous lifestyle brands from food to clothing, accessories to absolute fun!  Come indulge yourself and celebrate this festival with us.

1. Aditi Bhatt– Gorgeous accessories are the secret key to style once you’ve got your outfit on. Treat yourself with pop colours of hip, happy and statement pieces to go with your season’s favourites!

Aditi bhatt 5

2. One Nought One One– Witness international atelier elegance meet its creative Indian cousin, offering a stunning range of jewellery and apparel. The four designers behind it are changing how we look at Indian fabrics and pastel shades (and it looks amazing).

One Nought One One1

3. Quirksmith – Who says metallics can’t have a little fun? Take home a glorious, gypsy pair of silver somethings designed with adoration and a whole new chic detailing to kill for. These pieces would go with all your ethnic and modern outfits pretty damn well, ahoy instagram!

Quirksmith 11

4. Good Stuff– Psychedelic art meets cool, unique clothing at Good Stuff. Where the underground cult meets the daily chic, you could find your winter fashion vibe right here!


5. Perse by Stuffcool– There’s no such thing as too many bags! Shop an adventure friendly range of drool worthy bags and backpacks to make your daily grind a lot easier.

perse by stuffcool

6. Pluie Kids– Let your little ones experience an eco friendly, joyful childhood by treating them to 100% cotton clothing. Keeps them cute as ever and comfortable to enjoy the day play hour!

pluie kids

7. Suta– Classic style and organic yards to make that dream saree catwalk you’d envision as a child come true; Suta’s handcrafted, textile beauties are for you to embrace your elegant, feminine side!

Suta 2

8. Topcrop– A modern spin to the classic flats and essential clothing that could feature on your next date, gala, beach adventure and more- pick out your faves from a range of tops, dresses and shoes that stay on track on upcoming trends!


9. Nehal Desai– The Ahmedabad based brand creates the most ‘resort’ and blissful daily living experiences for you with clothing and home textiles, handcrafted with love. An amazing twist to indian textiles with elegant poise, we say!

nehsl desai

10. Omoya– Love a little bling? With handmade jewellery perfection, crafted with happiness and a cross cultural statement to adorn yourself in, pick out this season’s funky rings to say ‘cheers’ with style.

Omoya 6

11. Naturma– A 100 % natural skincare range that cares for you, with exclusive extracts, an affordable range and a whole lot of original! Let’s beat the weather and regular skin routines with this beauty steal this December.

Naturma 2

12. Brownsalt Bakery– Fancy delicious artisan bakes? Brownsalt’s world class, choice ingredient made delicacies are curated and packaged keeping your urban taste in mind.


13. Sevdah – All leather, hand crafted shoes that are comfortable? Not a myth anymore. With a range of colours, styles and comfort high shoes, take in your pair of this wardrobe classic!


14. Purvi– Inspired by the richness of Indian culture, textiles take a fun spin alongside jewellery that could lighten up your earth love! Keep yourself trend ready with amazing fusion pieces to choose from.


15. Snobbox– Your very own personal stylist is at the festival! Discover a whole new way of dressing yourself up to your body type and customized chic.

snobbox 1

Bonus Pick: Vraj:Bhoomi – A global sensibility that takes the form of organic sarees and then some more to dress you to the T for the next Soiree, this textile brand provides you with an array of classics, prints and handwoven awesomeness to take home!


Make your shopping plans people and block your calendars

15th – 17th December 2017
12 noon to Midnight on all 3 days
MMRDA Grounds, BKC

Don’t forget to make use of the Speed Shopping Hours between 12 noon to 5pm on all 3 days to make your shopping experience even better

Tickets available at venue & on Insider at:

Use Online tickets to beat the Qs

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