Hello hello Mumbai! Here’s the showdown on the food madness that we’re about to treat you to at The Lil Flea, this weekend from the 15th to 17th December.

Amidst hectic schedules and holiday celebrations, this 15th-17th December come home to a dining experience that has in store for you, over 60 food brands including – quick bites, fast food, carnal luxuries, packaged delights, live desi meals, baked love and more.  Take a look at our darling 25 picks to spot at the flea

1. The Buddha Bowl – Pan Asian Mumbai food from a unique take-out establishment that combines quality ingredients with traditional recipes from across the continent to provide you with a gourmet experience at your doorstep. Using organic and choicest ingredients offering an array of well- balanced meals – http://buddhabowlmumbai.com/about-us

8 the buddha bowl

2. Vegan burger kitchen– The Bandra delivery churner specializing in Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers is ready to delight you with all ingredients- burger bun, patty and dressings 100% vegan friendly. Who says vegetarian food needs to be boring? https://www.facebook.com/veganburgerkitchen/


3. Bina’s homemade ice-cream– South Mumbai’s Bina Doshi scoops tubs and tubs of wholesome ice creams everyday. Made with love and ‘hand churning’ fruit, milk, chocolate, cookies, nuts, brownies and all the other chunks, bits and pieces; her Indian pot/ Sancha brings out flavors that range from ‘all time favorites’ or simply unheard of. Surprise in a tub? All in and how! https://www.facebook.com/binashomemadeicecream/
binas homemade

4. Fleur de lys– Bakes to kill for, created by Paris’ Le Cordon Bleu alumni, Tanvi’s FDL Patisserie is a reflection of the elegance associated with French cuisine. Desserts at FDL are made using classical French pastry techniques, with attention to detail, embellished with bold flavors and textures that tantalize the taste buds. https://www.facebook.com/FDLPatisserie/


5. Bombay churros– Get #OfficiallyChurrofied with this fun joint’s sinful churros and indulging dessert sundaes.This Carter Road fave come to The Lil Flea just for you to get a taste of Spain’s crunchy churros and relish Mediterranean spices! https://www.facebook.com/thebombaychurros/

bombay churros

6. Pack-a-Pav – The brainchild of Rohan Mangalorkar, an ardent foodie and co-founder of the popular e-commerce website Propshop24.in. In his time off from work, Mangalorkar potters around in the kitchen whipping up quick and easy recipes that typically involve bread, meat, and inventive condiments (Ones that you’ll see in a very creative package and a flavour to kill for, soon!)


7. The Stick House – Born from the dream that eating food could be as fun as it was satisfying, the dream that this could liberate the world from plates and spoons, tables and chairs, serving utensils and the endless wait for the sauce to be passed, The Stick House makes soulfood for you to remember and taste the love with every morsel!’


8. Sweetish House Mafia– Mumbai’s original cookie store, with a wide variety of delicious cookies and desserts (and beautifully inviting by the looks of it!), the cookie jar loves to spoil you with recipe giveaways and fresh cookies for that perfect tea convo. https://www.facebook.com/SweetishHouseMafia/


9. Taco Lab– An interesting menu from the ‘calles de mexicanos’, there is no such thing as too much tacos (or maybe we’re just biased!). Let the eating contests begin!


10. Waffle House– Stealing the kitchen from Waffle House, famed for Classic Belgian waffles dripping in some of the most mouth watering homemade sauces! Freshly baked right in front of you for we know that if a waffle isn’t fresh, it just isn’t one – and Waffle House is all about Waffles.


11. Senor Swanky’s by Mafia Chef – Burritos to die for and a smooth, spicy latin attack in a tortilla wrap, Mafia Chef’s badass recipies are your very own comfort food treat. https://www.facebook.com/MafiaChef/


12. The Pabulum– Sexy shakes and fiery fries, what could possibly go wrong with a killer combination like that, try a mad mix of fries and shakes- Sayonara McDonalds! https://www.facebook.com/thepabulum.official/

Poutine at La Belle Province restaurant in Montreal, Canada

13. Mahlzeit– The world has named some of our street food faves after german cities, for a damn good reason. Mahlzeit brings the Berlin street food to The Lil Flea. Drop by for authentic Berlin Street Food created by German chefs! -https://www.facebook.com/mahlzeitindia/

contest mahlzeit - berlin

14. Between Breads– Love a Sandwich? Here’s to the right combo of flavours, veggies and meaty hunger-solutions that include burgers, shakes, coffees and then some more of ‘awesome’ – https://www.facebook.com/betweenbreads/

between breads

15. Punjab da Chulha– Here’s to Punjab’s exclusive mouthwatering taste! With dishes like Stuffed Tandoori Kulchas with Chole, Punjabi Aloo Tikki, Thandi Lassi, Falooda Kulfi & Special Baked Delhi Kulchas with Chole made with good, wholesome Indian love. – https://www.facebook.com/Punjab-Da-Chulah-672230249583126/


16. Icecreamo – Yes, we’re all aware of Mumbai’s year long summer. Let’s pick a fun popsickle from Icecreamo’s peppy range and beat the heat. https://www.facebook.com/icecreamoindia/


17. FullyDesi Foods– Authentic food using desi ingredients, desi knowledge, desi taste. Good recipes, good Videos and desi food to relish India’s culinary blessing. https://www.facebook.com/hameshadesi/

16 fully desi

18. 1Tablespoon– 1Tablespoon was founded by Varun Sheth – a graduate of the prestigious Natural Gourmet School in New York City. Explore an amazing combination of the New York technique, a training program in Rome and obsessive love for pizza that gave birth to the 1Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen. http://1tablespoon.com/

1tablespoon p

19. Sliders & Fries –  These sliders are hand crafted goodness from scratch! A delivery kitchen by Amal Farooque, , Sliders & Fries bakes their own breads, marinate, craft and grill their own patties.

sldier and fries _2

20. Coney Island– All problems have one solution- More Pizza! What makes it even better is that your ultimate cheesy Italian delight is served in a cone with an array of ingredients to choose from and try every bite to your heart’s content! – https://www.facebook.com/ConeyMumbai/


21. Dillie Heart– Love Old Delhi Chaat and Street food? Brought to life by ‘Goel Khaandaan’, currently residing in the heart of Old Delhi for over 100 years, to bring the Old Delhi street food right up there, on the world cuisine map! Come try a handful of some till you drool.  http://dillieheart.com/

dillie herat

22. Fablespoon – Created for the fast moving India, this innovative brand has a sweet solve for all those pastry and cookie fans out there. Want more? Make your own pastry with an array of flavours and toppings to pick from. https://www.facebook.com/fablespoon/

4 fablespoon

23. Whistle– The first Indian snack company to put together a range of healthy snacks for you. Aloha! “Less than 100 calorie” packs, healthy snacking choices and Roasted Lotus Seed Makhanas that scream comforting munch love. http://corvusfoods.in/

18 whistle

24. Oh Fudge – Started by a bunch of chocolate lovers from Mumbai who stumbled upon a secret recipe so good that it felt like a criminal offence to not share, Oh Fudge brings to you packaged chocolate amour for you to take home.

19 oh fudge

25. Hoppumm – Appams from South of India get a makeover with some amazing fillings. If you have one of these, we bet you will ask for some more!


What are you waiting for? Block your weekend

15th – 17th December 2017
12 noon to Midnight on all 3 days
MMRDA Grounds, BKC

Tickets available on Insider at: bit.ly/LilBombayEd10

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