A tribe powered celebration that started as an event collective of a bunch of bohemian designers, artists and happiness, The Lil Flea is now a growing community of over 400 lifestyle brands, live showcases and creative ventures for the modern and culturally rich across India.

What initially was a fresh ‘it’ event for Mumbai’s experimental groups, has over a span of just three years and several picturesque weekends, built a community of over 200,000 people from all over the country and beyond. Some as participants, some as loyal audiences and some as trendsetters in the creative world — all from insanely different walks of life.

The Flea story is more than a lifestyle event. It has become a vibrant gathering of all those who live for experiences, making the brand itself strive to inspire cool ideas, to travel for exploring the unseen, to create a thing of beauty and to share it all with the world.

The Creators

Priyanka Punjabi’s love for the artsy details, bohemian rhapsodies and various creative forms combined with Alankar Jain’s acumen in all kinds of innovative media, urban living and fresh ideas started ‘The Lil Flea’ in 2014 as an experiment for people who’d enjoy art, fashion, food and music festivals brought together with a whole lot of ‘that’s new!’.