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The Lil Flea

10 Years of Happiness


March 29 – 31 | 1st Weekend

March 5 – 7 | 2nd Weekend


Jio World Garden




Mumbai’s happiest flea market, The Lil Flea is completing its 10 years of spreading love! Come join us for the Celebratory Double Weekend show at Jio World Garden, Mumbai. 


With over 400 homegrown curated brands from across the country, delectable foods, desserts, and bakes, a fantastic lineup of over 20 live bands, experimental music and a host of workshops and experiences to choose from, this is one festival you don’t want to miss!!

The Flea Vibe

What to Expect


of the country’s best homegrown brands, offering a variety of rare finds and so much creativity.


delicious food brands and artisanal bakers for delightful indulgence on non cheat days too.

2 Music stages

to discover new tunes with 25+ live bands and some experimental electronic music every evening.

A Massive Festival Bar

with an eclectic collection of micro-breweries, Indian liquors, gin bars, wines, whiskeys, and festival cocktails.

Lil Collectives

a new addition featuring carefully curated spaces with specific categories such as Studio Potters, Conscious Brands, Thrift Shops, Artisanal Brands, Art  and more, complemented by live showcases and workshops.

Experiences & Workshops

like Live Art, Vinyl Rooms, Board Games, Pottery, Psychic & healing Shamianas, Book Exchange, Thrift Corners, Carnival Games  and Movies Under the Stars.

One Lil Tree

  •  extending our love for the planet and offering free seeds and encouraging plant adoption.

Things You Should Know

Children below 8 years of age (Or 4 feet in height) are allowed free entry

Smoking is not allowed inside the venue.

Gate no. 3 Or  Gate no. 6

Jio World Garden Parking & also Parking Next to JIO Garden – MMRDA pay & park


Jio World Garden

No 3 & 4, Jio Garden Public Gate, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051

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  • No pets allowed.
  • The organizers reserve the right to alter the date, venue, time and other schedules of the event without prior intimation.
  • The organizers, the venue and the ticketing company shall not be liable for any difficulties caused by unauthorized copy or reproduction of this ticket and reserve the right to refuse entry to such ticket holders.
  • One Day Pass (Early Bird) & Three Day Pass (Season Pass) will be available exclusively on Insider.in limited quantities and up to certain pre-mentioned dates.
  • On the Event days, only the One Day Pass will be available online and at the on-ground Box Office.
  • No refund on a purchased ticket is possible, even in case of any cancellation, or rescheduling due to any force majeure conditions.
  • Children up to eight years of age can walk into the festival for free of cost.
  • If you are under the age of 16, you need to be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.
  • Rights of admission are reserved, even for valid ticket holders.
  • Please remember to carry a valid government-issued photo ID Proof (Driver’s License/ Aadhar Card/ Passport). You may not be permitted to enter the venue in the absence of a valid ID Proof.
  • If an underage individual is found consuming alcohol, the ward’s adult guardian will be liable for all resulting actions & consequences.
  • The artist lineup and event schedule can change without prior intimation. The ticket permits entry to the festival grounds only. While some of the elements like music performances will be freely accessible to all ticket holders, specific activities at designated areas at the venue may have other ticketing requirements which may be sold separately.
  • Security procedures, including frisking, remain the right of the management and anyone visiting the festival cannot refuse the same.
  • Handheld personal communication devices will be permitted unless otherwise advised. As a condition of entry to the venue, you agree that the creation, storage or use of any data or recordings, for any form of public advertisement, display, commercial gain or any other purpose (except for your enjoyment) is not permitted without prior written permission from Apricot Media Pvt Ltd, the property owners of The Lil Flea.
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  • Consumption and possession of narcotics is strictly prohibited and those found possessing or consuming narcotics at the event will be immediately handed over to the anti-narcotics police.
  • Carrying of liquids, alcohol, cigarettes and banned substances including outside food and beverages into the festival is not permitted.
  • The management & organizers will not be held liable for claims that may arise due to the consumption or intake of any food or drink or any other products at the festival.
  • Parking near or at the festival premises is at the risk of the vehicle owner.
  • You shall not use or display within the venue, any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials unless authorized by written confirmation from Apricot Media Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Areas at the festival are built to capacity. Management reserves the right to hold entry of ticket holders into the premises and certain areas of the festival till such time that the capacity opens up to safe limits to ensure a safe festival experience.
  • Venue rules apply too.
  • Re-entry will not be allowed once your ticket is scanned and you enter the festival.
  • As a holder of a ticket, you agree to follow the rules & regulations of the festival and basic norms of decency. In the event of any damage and/or liability caused by you to the festival and/or its property, you agree to face prosecution that will be subject to the jurisdiction of and settled exclusively in the courts of Delhi, Bombay or Goa.
  • Visitors to the festival are requested to acknowledge the personal space of others at the event. Any recordings of other visitors in the form of pictures, video or audio recordings must not be captured and/or published on public platforms without their consent.
  • The management reserves the exclusive right without refund or other recourse, to refuse admission to anyone who is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions including, if necessary, ejecting the holder/s of the ticket from the venue after they have entered the ground.
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  • We encourage you to be cool and have a great time at the happiest Flea Market.



The Lil Flea

10 Years of Happiness

Double Weekend: March 29-31 | April 5-7