Embark on an adventure of creativity and hands-on fun at The Lil Flea with our Interactive Workshops & Experiences! Dive into the world of body art with captivating tattoos and piercings, or channel your creativity in pottery workshops and vibrant community art projects. From dedicated zones for kids to explore their imagination to mystical spaces like the Psychic Space, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at The Lil Flea across 6 zones.

These workshops run all day and don’t require any pre-registrations, so make sure you add it to your list! 

Make and Take

Art Station by The Art Curry
Make way for your inner artist by trying your hand at screen printing, live caricatures, and more.

Fluid Art by Meetakriti Art Studio
Pour your heart and paints out into strokes which make for therapeutic experiences.

DIY Hand-painted Accessories by Anaya by Akruthi
Take the DIY route and make goodies at TLF your own through leather and tote painting.

Pottery by Tiny Clay Inn
Dip your hands in clay for fun, and paint your own ceramic pieces- make them as unique as you want.

Zine Corner & Workshop
Explore the universe of Zines with a diverse collection of artists across the globe.

Psychic Space by Psychic Temples

Tarot, Astrology & Numerology
Get cracking on the cosmic codes and discover your higher self.

Sun Gong Sessions
Step into tranquility and transformation with guided meditation sessions.

Uncover the secrets of destiny with our captivating Cartomancy sessions.

Signature Analysis
Decode what your signature strokes say about you.

Sound Healing Sessions
Tune into Sound Healing Sessions where good vibes are always on the playlist.

DIY Charms & Crystals
Get a taste of spiritual magic with handmade charms and crystals. 

Thrift corner

If you’re a fan of vintage vibes and retro treasures, we’ve got a treat for you! Welcome to our Thrift Corner, where you’ll discover nostalgic finds from bygone eras and trendy Y2K apparel and accessories that’ll make you feel like the main character.

Keep an eye out for these brands: 

  • Vintage Laundry
  • Capsule Vintage
  • Reeve’s Vintage
  • Kismet E kheer
  • Retro Cartel
  • Carol’s Shop 
  • Bombay Bintage
  • Sloths Clothes

Body art corner

Glitter Bar by Henal
Skip filters and upgrade to our glitter bars for the ultimate glam look.

Tattoo Art Corner
Get inked by the best hand poke and machine gun tattoo artists like:

  • Pokeyza Studio – Chahat
  • Art By the Gods – Mannat
  • Mokpokes – Moe
  • Kats Pajamas – Katyani
  • Hocus Pokeusss – Yoshi
  • Ishana

Piercings by Koma Needles
Action your inner hippie and get a piercing (or two!)

Nail Art by Manav
Complete your flea look by getting your nails done at the nail art station.

Face Painting by Elahay
Ditch the canvas and get your face painted in vibrant shades. 

The Lil Flea Kids’ Zone 

A wonderland for your little ones!

Free Your Hand 
Let the creative juices flow where every stroke is a masterpiece as kids scribble freely on a canvas. 

Funny Portraits
Capture priceless moments. Kids team up to create hilarious caricatures of each other, enhancing their observational skills along the way.

Reading Corner
Find your kid a snug spot in the and let their storytelling skills make an appearance!   

My Day at The Flea
Children express their experiences through drawing and writing, crafting stories that reflect their observations, inspirations, and interpretations of their day at the flea.

Play Area
Sensory Play: Immerse in a construction-themed sensory tub featuring sand, construction vehicles, and more for imaginative play.

  • Pretend Play: Explore wooden train tracks, a play kitchen, farm animals, and other interactive toys to spark creativity.
  • Gross Motor Play: Have a blast with a multi-sport mini stand and a Pikler triangle for active play.
  • Fine Motor Play: Get hands-on with a play dough station filled with natural elements like leaves and twigs.
  • STEM Exploration: Build and create with blocks, magnatiles, and straws to explore STEM concepts.

For Older Kids:


  • Board Games: Enjoy classics like Chinese checkers, Monopoly, and more for fun-filled game nights.
  • Thematic Displays: Dive into thematic displays such as anatomy models, microscopes, electric circuit kits, and coding robots for immersive learning experiences

Vinyl & Listening Session

Walk into the Vinyl Listening Room brimming with nostalgia and new discoveries. Pick your groovy tune, plug in the headphones, and escape the chaos with some beats. Or just drop by, and explore turntable sessions across genres and cultures, curated especially for you. Just good vibes, great tunes, and a bunch of records you can add to your personal collection! 

Flow Art by Indie Flow 

Let loose and embrace the rhythm of Flow Art. Join our hula hoop sessions for some carefree fun. Dive into the world of flow arts with Dapo star!



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