The Lil Flea brings is back again with the most anticipated event of the year in Mumbai this December. To go beyond the mesmerizing tunes and delectable aromas, this time, we introduce to you – the Collectives, a curated space filled with unique creations from skilled artisans. Immerse yourself in the magic of handmade wonders, sustainable fashion, and artistic expressions. 

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary experience. Secure your tickets now and join us for a weekend of music, gastronomy, and the exceptional allure of Collectives at The Lil Flea.

Here’s a sneak peek into the brands in the Collectives section that are ready to take you by awe at The Lil Flea on 1st-2nd-3rd December and 8th-9th-10th December!

Category: Art

Bag of Bong 

Drawing inspiration from the rich art and culture of Bengal, Bag Of Bong offers a range of innovative, quirky, and colorful home decor, fashion, and accessories. From captivating wall plates to intricately designed coasters, sarees, dupattas, and beyond, each creation is an original masterpiece by Trina Mukherjee. Explore the unique collection of wall plates, coffee mugs, cushion covers, tote bags, and more at The Lil Flea’s Collectives.

Studio Cha-ching 

Cha-Ching is a 2020 quarantine-born art and design-led studio that makes colorful wearables, like earrings, rings, and barrettes, that redefine fun and creativity. Each product is a carefully conceptualized, designed, and crafted piece of art. Cha-Ching brings a ‘fun’ element to your life, home, and style, with handmade products designed mindfully in small batches. 

Yash Pradhan

Yash Pradhan is a graphic designer, digital artist, and illustrator who ventured into this field because of his love for doodling. His daily experiences inspire him to create innovative printables, stickers, zines, and more.

Category: Artisanal


Stop by FLOFTstudio’s origami lighting stall at The Lil Flea’s Collectives to illuminate your space elegantly. FLOFTstudio is committed to crafting eco-conscious, sustainable, and innovative lighting solutions, FLOFTstudio embraces the ancient Japanese craft practice of ‘Origami.’ Their collection of origami lampshades is a fusion of cultures, featuring elements of ancient Indian arts like Madhubani, Warli, Gond, alongside contemporary Japanese Cherry Blossoms. 


Explore the art of seasoning with ANUcanCOOK at The Lil Flea’s Collectives! From the zesty Salad Spices to the enchanting Magic Masala and the fiery Hot No. 8, each masala is crafted to add to your dining experience. You should also try their delicious drink mix, Lime N Lemony, it is super healthy! 

Bon Fiction

Try Bon Fiction’s artisanal chocolate bars that are free from palm oil, preservatives, and artificial flavouring. Their chocolates boast natural ingredients sourced from the Godavari region of Southern India, where cacao is hand-picked and meticulously processed at their estate. 

Category: Conscious Living

India Hemp Organics 

Discover the holistic benefits of cannabis sativa with India Hemp Organics, your dedicated partner in well-being. Ethically sourced and grown in the serene Himalayas, our CannaBliss wellness and hemp nutrition products are meticulously crafted to elevate your daily life. They make hemp seed oils for pain relief, good sleep, and stress relief that are made up of 100% organic ingredients and come from ayurvedic roots.


Savor the joy of guilt-free indulgence with Wacao’s exquisite range of sugar-free chocolates. Handmade with love and sweetened only with stevia, each chocolate promises a delectable experience without compromising on your health goals. They carefully source only the finest cocoa beans from the farms in the Idukki region of Kerala, India. Explore a symphony of flavors, including toasty hazelnut, salted caramel crunch, sinful dark, berry blast, and more.


Known for their ethical, low-waste upcycling, Dwij rescues post-consumer jeans from landfills, transforming them into stylish utility accessories, such as bags, totes, handmade toys, jewelry, and home decor. Committed to sustainability, Dwij also upcycles pre-consumer/post-industrial denim and recycled PET felt fabric, choosing each element with care to ensure their products are not just fresh-looking but also enduring.

Category: Health & Beauty

Soap Chemistry 

Inspired by a soap-making class, the dynamic mother-daughter duo set out on a mission to handcraft high-quality organic soaps and body care products through Soap Chemistry. They specialize in making plant-based skincare that is SLS, Paraben, Cruelty-free, and Vegan. From luxurious bath salts to indulgent body butter, find everything you need to pamper your skin right at Soap Chemistry’s stall in The Lil Flea’s Collectives section.

Tint Cosmetics 

Tint Cosmetics stands as a hybrid, versatile, and clean beauty brand, offering vegan, cruelty-free, and FDA-approved products. Explore their collection at Collectives at The Lil Flea for a seamless blend of skincare and makeup, ensuring quality, versatility, and ethical practices.

Forest Hill

Embrace the daily rituals of self-care with Forest Hill, a brand exclusively dedicated to men’s grooming. From shaving essentials to hair, beard, face, lip care, and fragrances, Forest Hill curates a range of beauty and personal care products designed for the modern man.

Category: Home & Living 


Indish, a homegrown brand, curates design-forward, aesthetically pleasing products that contribute to a comfortable and environmentally friendly home. From comfortable pillows to reusable, biodegradable, recyclable, and ethically cultivated products, Indish is dedicated to making your house a home, one pillow at a time.

Little Decor Things 

Little Decor Things, a purveyor of exquisite experiences, specializes in hand-poured vegan soy wax candles. Explore their unique fragrances at The Lil Flea’s Collectives created with essential oils, ensuring a non-toxic and delightful atmosphere. Elevate your surroundings with the luxurious touch of their personalized candles, adding a bespoke charm to every space.


Embrace gender-neutral designs that create a cozy and delightful environment for your little ones. Masaya, a distinguished Collective brand at The Lil Flea, specializes in ethical children’s goods for 0-8-year-olds. From thoughtfully designed bedding to adorable plushies, Masaya ensures sustainability and handmade craftsmanship. 

Category: Pottery

Vida Ceramics & Pottery Studio

Vida Ceramics & Pottery Studio, an artistic haven, brings the world of ceramics and pottery to life. With a passion for the craft, they offer a unique space where individuals can explore their creativity and learn the intricate art of pottery. Visit them in the Collectives section and explore their beautiful artwork.

Claybotik Pottery & Ceramic Studio

Claybotik, a pottery and ceramic studio based in Jaipur, brings the elegance of handmade ceramic pieces to The Lil Flea’s Collectives. Their exquisite creations include vases, glasses, kettles, and more, each crafted with precision and artistry. Beyond the products, Clay Botik extends its passion for pottery to therapeutic workshops, offering a unique and enriching experience for those eager to explore pottery. 

Lil Klay Tales

Lil Klay Tales, a venture by the talented Neha Thacker, a former media professional turned potter, brings a delightful blend of storytelling and craftsmanship to The Lil Flea’s Collectives. Through handmade ceramicware, Neha weaves narratives into each piece, creating a unique and personalized touch. 

From handmade ceramic wonders to sustainable fashion, each Collective brand tells a story waiting to be discovered. Don’t miss the chance to experience these exceptional creations firsthand. Book your tickets to The Lil Flea here and immerse yourself in a world of artistry, innovation, and unparalleled experiences!


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