This season, get ready for the coolest time ever at The Lil Flea happening at Mumbai’s MMRDA ground on 1st-2nd-3rd and 8th-9th-10th December. However, it is not just another flea or an event, it’s a vibe that’s all about making memories while trying out new things. It is the ultimate playground for unforgettable experiences that offers a mix of free and paid workshops that cater to different tastes and curiosities. From board games to busking poetry, fluid art sessions to tarot reading sessions, and flow arts to upcycling clothes – there’s something for everyone. 

Book your tickets here and join us for a day of exploration, laughter, and creating lasting memories! Know more about the different experiences scheduled at the Dec’23 Mumbai flea market here:

Busking Poetry for Strangers 

A few lines of poetry written especially for you – what could be more flattering? Find Mariyam, Vinay, and Ruby busking around the flea, interacting & connecting with people, and writing poetry on the spot for them.

Board Games & Puzzles with Bored Game Company

Dive into a world of tabletop joy with Bored Game Company at The Lil Flea! Hosting a collection of unique board games that are designed and produced in India, their 10-20 minute sessions promise a fun experience that’ll be absolutely new. And get a chance to be among the lucky ones, as prizes await those who conquer the jigsaw puzzle scoreboard at the end of the day. 

Community Mural (Paint-by-Number) 

Be a part of community art at The Lil Flea with our Paint-by-Number mural project! Join forces with fellow attendees to bring a vibrant masterpiece to life together. Guided by the talented muralist Sneha, this collaborative endeavour promises to be a canvas of creativity and shared expression.

Spoken Word & Storytelling 

In the evenings, we will be hosting an hour of spoken word poetry and storytelling, hosted and curated by Mitali Bhasin, at our Discovery stage. Bring along a friend, sip on your favorite drink, and immerse yourself in poetry. It is bound to be an unforgettable evening!

Zine Corner by Bombay Underground

Dive into the world of zines, with a corner dedicated to art from Indian and international artists, in collaboration with Bombay Underground. Explore the niche art of zine-making with us.

Vinyl Pop-up by The Revolver Club Magazine

Immerse yourself in the world of vinyl with The Revolver Club as they set up a vinyl pop-up at The Lil Flea. They will be hosting daily turntable sessions throughout the day, featuring a variety of music genres and artists from different cultures. Limited spots are available, so get there soon to grab a seat! We hope you enjoy this specially curated experience just for you.Drum Circle by Anand

Embark on a musical journey into the world of West African percussion with the mesmerizing Djembe beats. Join our Drum Circle led by Anand Bhagat, for an unforgettable experience, where this tradition has united people for over a thousand years. Using Djembes as the main drums (and some other cool instruments), Anand makes you lose yourself in a high-energy, fun, healing, and ecstatic atmosphere. 

Signature Analysis

Unlock the mysteries of your identity with a signature analysis expert, at The Lil Flea. Get your signature analyzed by Dipti to gain deep insights into your personality, strengths, and potential hidden talents. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover what your signature tells about you!

Tarot Readings 

Get the universe’s guidance to navigate life’s twists and turns with Tarot reading sessions by professionals & psychic healers. Found yourself at a crossroads or have burning questions about life? Let them provide you insight by tapping into a source of cosmic wisdom.

Flow Arts with Butterfly Riders

Immerse in a playful journey of flow arts with Butterfly Riders. Unleash your inner child by learning how to play with flow props like the dapo, hula hoop, and poi. Hula Hoop with expert guidance from Shivani, explore the captivating world of poi with Bhushan’s dynamic workshop and learn the beautiful art of Dapo with Pramod. Additionally, brace yourself for a visual treat of amazing and energizing performances of flow arts. 

Fluid Art Sessions

Fluid art is a fun, therapeutic art form that you can indulge in at The Lil Flea. Greet the child within you and bring out the wildest fantasies of colours on the canvas. Play with colors, spill them, and let them flow on your canvas board that you can take home with you. 

Pottery with The Tiny Clay Inn

Get your hands dirty at The Tiny Clay Inn’s ‘Make & Take’ pottery workshop! Moulding mud into magical creations, delve into this timeless craft, and discover the fun of creating your own unique pottery piece. 

Glitter Bar by Simran Bhimani

Come, shine bright like a diamond at The Lil Flea with a little help from Simran Bhimani! Express yourself by adding a dash of sparkle to your beautiful face at our glitter bar. Get festival-ready in minutes!

Natural Tie-dye Workshop by The Basal Studio

Join us on a unique journey of creativity at The Lil Flea with The Basal Studio’s natural tie-dye workshop. Make vibrant hues for unique tote bags by transforming flowers and leaves with their guidance. Add your personal touch and let nature inspire your style as you craft your DIY creation! Take home your uniquely designed tote bag as a memento!

Upcycle Workshop by Sazo

Revamp, reuse, and recreate at Sazo’s upcycling workshop. Join them for a ‘Scrap it up with Sazo’ session, where you can unleash your own design using upcycled Sazo fabrics. Best part? You get to take the masterpiece home!

Remember, the more sessions you take, the more memories you’ll make! Whether it’s unleashing your artistic flair or learning a new skill, each workshop will bring an exhilarating experience. So, why stop at one? Explore, engage, and make the most of these opportunities at The Lil Flea.

We can’t wait to see you there! So, book tickets for The Lil Flea here and do not miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in an exciting day of (some paid & some free) workshops!


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