Welcome to the absolutely essential guide to The Lil Flea’s grand lifestyle inventory – With just days to go and your season makeover curated by us with love, presenting fifteen brands to watch and bag goodies from this December. Also, The best part? Your very own personal fast shopping sale- An hour to get discounts at your fav labels. But more on that later. For now, feast on this selection

1. AmbarEla – Stuff that you’d imagine Kate Middleton wearing: Elegant, chic umbrellas that would make you at home from a french riviera to the daily runway of the street! Street style friendly azure blues, prints to die for, feminine waves and a range of beautiful pieces to choose from, what else does a girl want? https://www.facebook.com/Ambarelaforyou/

1 amberela

2. Indie Maharani – Earthy, blessed tones and a mix of essentials that scream ‘organic spirit’; The sustainable, eco-conscious, ethical vibes are coming to life at the Flea with the very cool, indie and eco chic Indie Maharani. https://www.facebook.com/indiemaharani.official/


3. Moriko Organic – Affordable, organic, crafted with love , this kidswear brand roots from oriental beliefs of true manifestation. Endearing honesty, environment friendly and future conscious, just what your little one will value with time!  http://www.morikoorganic.com/

moriko organic

4. Kristina – ‘The sights that stood out and stuck with me, were those of the cotton candy men, who’d run to you the moment the light turns red eager to empty their sticks of all those pink fluffy bags of sweet sticky candy. ‘ – K. Kristina’s fun, tropical vibes come alive in her latest collection inspired by Traffic lights, titled ‘While I wait’. Well you definitely shouldn’t! Grab one of her pieces and take a Vespa ride. http://www.kkristina.com/#whileiwait17


5. Art & Light by Vineeta Nair-  All rejuvenation and change starts at home. And home is where Art & Light’s amazing range of cool décor pieces meet your needs for that right environment. Redecorate and style your nest for the New Year- here’s a good start. https://www.facebook.com/artnlightbyvineetanair/


6. Boundless – With over 2 decades of experience in swoon worthy artwork, Boundless brings creativity to the fore with metal details, things to solve your everyday crux and reimagine a new perception. https://www.facebook.com/Shilpi-Tuli-1693249514248623


7. Tattva Studio – Mumbai based Ceramist Shayonti Salvi says,“For me, being a ceramist is in many ways a testament to my love of art and nature. What amazes me about ceramics is its use of all five elements of nature and for that, it is to me, a truly complete medium of expression”. A vision that comes from innovation of pieces for you to explore, why eye the west for something unique? http://shayontisalvi.com/about-us/#about


8. Graza – Bags of every utility, size and function crafted in leathers, fabrics and more- Graza bags has a collection of chic, crisp yet trendy pieces for the daily needs of the modern individual. https://www.facebook.com/Grazabags/


9. Kitsch by Nik- Kitsch by Nik, by Ahmedabad’s Nirjari Shah is a Handcraft art jewelry label consisting beautiful art and hand crafted jewelry. For the love of Indian heritage, every piece of jewelry is made keeping Indian culture & traditions in mind. https://www.facebook.com/kitschahmedabad/


10. Shepherd for Men – Finding the right men’s grooming product in the women’s dominated beauty industry is a challenge. Created to offer young and dynamic men quality grooming and skincare products that are mild, yet highly effective, the brand was born out of a quest to find high quality grooming products at affordable prices. https://www.facebook.com/ShepherdForMen/

10 shepherd

11. Threadology – Cool casuals with a twist (or a bow?), Threadology’s worldly yet indian weather friendly products are crafted with care and an evolved design sensibility- With enough ‘wow’ entwined with basic pastels and jewel tones. https://www.facebook.com/threadology.clothing/


12.Gentleman’s Community – When it comes to impeccable style and a real personality plus, Gentleman’s community is the brand de la creme for The lil Flea’s menswear treats. The close association has led Mumbai to explore India’s very own answer to River Island and sleek European street style reminiscence. https://www.facebook.com/pg/thegentlemanscommunity/about/?ref=page_internal


13. Hippie Shippie- Who doesn’t love an ice breaker? Graphic prints and cool T-shirts for men, curated by the global, lit, artsy couple behind it, a quirky tee by the hip brand could make your conversations start with a side of humour. https://www.hippieshippie.com/

13 hippie shippie

14. Coral Haze – Blending Indian tradition with contemporary sensibilities, Coral Haze, a brand by Rida International offers an exquisite collection of designer handcrafted Punjabi juttis. From casual day wear to ornate wedding wear to subtle office wear, grab a piece for every person and for every occasion. Check out their unique, quirky designs and impressive details. http://coralhaze.com/

coral haze

15. T-RAH-MISU- Italian for ‘Take me home’ and a reminder of the classic dessert, the clothing brand brings a collection of contemporary choices that are comfortable, style-section worthy and all that fun you’d mix from daywear to evening-chic. https://www.facebook.com/trahmisu/


Make your shopping plans people and block your calendars

15th – 17th December 2017
12 noon to Midnight on all 3 days
MMRDA Grounds, BKC

Tickets available on Insider at: bit.ly/LilBombayEd10


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