Please note: This list is not for the weak hearted and only the people with insatiable appetites should be reading it.

After 3 happiest years in Mumbai, we have finally come to Delhi and this edition would be incomplete without capturing the true essence of this city, its street food! Here is an (in)exhaustive list of dishes from the old Dilli food trail curated by Dillie Heart especially for you:

  1. Sita Ram Diwan Chand Ke Chole Bhature 

The oldest and the best from Pahar Ganj, Sita Ram Diwan Chand has been serving lip smacking chole bhature for more than 50 years. His food travels to all parts of the world. King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan craves for this one every time someone visits Delhi. If you are craving for it too, the Lil Flea is your destination.

  1. World famous Kuremal ki kulfi

More than 100 years old, this kulfi wala in the lanes of Kucha Pati Ram attracts most visitors to taste his out of the world kulfi range. Name to reckon with.

  1. 3. Lotan ji ke chole Kulche

A man serving people with soulful food made with his secret recipe every morning since 1920; and now his tradition has been carried forward by his grandson, Mahaveer, 40, every morning without fail. This undisputed number 1 winner for chole has no franchises and only serves in the tiny lane of Chandni Chowk. Legends will be there at The Lil Flea

  1. Natraj dahi bhalle wala 

Natraj is an extremely famous Dahi Bhalla outlet in Chandni Chowk which was established in 1940. Imagine generations just selling Dahi Bhalla. They don’t even have any other outlets. Natraj sells only two items – bhalla and aloo tikki which are both out of the world. He wouldn’t go anywhere so we bring him to you.

  1. Sitaram bazaar ki bedmi aloo puri 

Humble eateries at Lal Darwaza, Sita Ram Bazar are immensely popular for its breakfast items Bedmi Poori, Aloo Sabzi and Nagori Halwa. Freshly-made crisp Bedmi Pooris has a very appetizing aroma. Even the Subzi here is so delicious, one can eat it alone. The breakfast is served with delicious Aloo Subzi, Carrot Pickle and Green Chilli. You have to reach early as they serve breakfast until 12 PM only. But at The Lil Flea we’ll be serving you this delicacy the whole day so that you don’t miss out on it.

  1. Chandni chowk ki jalebi with rabri

Huge tai, pure desi ghee aroma, piping hot jalebi served with chilled rabri. A delight for your eyes mouth and olfactory lobes. We bring you the best jalebis in the world of Chandni Chowk fame.

  1. Chawri bazaar ke kathi kebab with Roomali Roti

Veg kathi kebab with roomali roti is a special combo served at the corner of chawri bazaar. This khomchaa is a speciality during dussera ramleela mela. Hence we bring it specially for you at the Lil Flea, to enjoy the festivities.

  1. Ram dware ki Fruits and Kulla chaat

This chaat wala who sits on a humble staircase has been serving this wonderful edition of Fruit Chaat, which is great in taste and has an impeccable flavor, for the last 50 years in old Delhi. The fruits induce freshness, while tangy Chaat Masala gives it a marvelous flavor. This is one of the most unusual Chaat, yet amazing one in the walled city of old Delhi.

With all this on offer, where else would you be but at The Lil Flea? Come join the gastronomic affaire and tickle your taste buds.

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